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22 November 2010 @ 07:42 pm
Tony sat on his couch, his tongue sticking out in concentration as he did the final roll on the joint he was preparing. As he finished he leaned back, holding the joint up to admire it. "I do believe I have achieved the perfect roll," he said to the empty room proudly. He'd been working on that technique for several months now and felt like he'd finally mastered the skill.

A loud rapping on his window broke him out of his reverie and he stood, dropping the joint on the table. It'd been a while since he'd gotten an owl from anyone, a few weeks at least. He kept meaning to write them, Terry, Shannon, heck, he'd even thought about writing to Mike since his visit, but always got distracted before he could finish. He opened the window to let the owl in, letting it get settled on a bookcase before untying the letter. He read it quickly - it wasn't long - but it took his mind a second to comprehend just what it said. "Wait, what?" he asked, re-reading the short missive. Luna. An accident. "Mungo's?" he said to himself, his heart suddenly beating harder. If she was at the hos, there was something really wrong with Luna. What if she's not only at the hos, but in the hos. Blimey, Luna's dying! His eyes widened at the thought and he knew he had to get back to England as quickly as possible. Apparition.

Tony scrambled to throw some clothes and things in an old backpack and grabbed his wand from the table by the door. He scratched out a quick owl to his boss explaining the situation and then wrote one to Terry saying he was on his way. He started to tie them both onto the patient brown owl that was waiting atop his bookcase, but stopped himself from sending Terry's. With luck he'd be at St. Mungo's long before the owl. He sent it off through the still open window and shut it before closing his eyes tightly and imagining the apparition area of St. Mungo's. Concentrating hard, Tony waved his wand and disappeared with a pop, only to reappear at St. Mungo's hospital an instant later. He took a moment to catch his breath before setting out to find Terry.
17 November 2010 @ 12:38 pm
Owl to Tony, South KoreaCollapse )
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22 October 2010 @ 06:05 pm
Mike was standing at the edge of the pool with Chriss pulling the studded belt from the jeans he wore. He was over feeling self-conscious by now. These girls had had their hands all over him today - places girls he had dated hadn't even been. The twins twittered back and forth about his look and he stared over their heads at the skyline. Wouldn't it be nice to be in a building out there on the horizon? I bet there aren't any photoshoots going on over there. Andy unbuttoned the long sleeve he had on and pulled it off.

He was feeling good. Well, better. Okay, maybe just numb. Terry had helped him in the kitchen and poured him a tall drink. Terry was a good mate. Wait, Terry was the one who was supposed to be in this predicament. He turned his head slightly to look for Terry. There he is. Talking to Lisa. Lisa. She looked good in blue. Wait, no. She was dangerous. What the hell happened in the kitchen?
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"I'm just dropping something off at a mate's and then stopping by the office for a bit to meet with the new freelance photographer." Logan spoke into the phone as he stepped out of the lift on Mike's floor, explaining his scheduled plans to the person on the other line. "What? Yeah, it's something I have to do in person. Who? Just someone who's going to practically owe me a life debt." Shifting the mobile from one ear to the other, Logan used his free hand to open the door to Mike and Lisa's flat. As per usual, the door was left unlocked and he was free to let himself in.

Upon entering the flat Logan nearly tripped over a box near the doorway, caught off guard by the clutter around the area. He made a face at the box, as if the inanimate object could sense his annoyance. His field of vision expanded more as he looked over in the living room area, finding more boxes and scattered clothing, among other items. Logan wondered for a moment whether Mike finally had enough of Lisa and was in the process of kicking her out.

It took him a minute to recognize that there was music playing, and he heard the sound of a camera shutter in the other side of the flat. Entering further into the flat and turning into the kitchen, Logan was dumbstruck by what was presented before his eyes. There was one Michael Corner pressing one Lisa Turpin against the refrigerator and there was a dainty girl taking pictures of them, as well as a double of the dainty girl giving instructions.

"Hey O'Donnell, I gotta go. Call you back later." Logan pressed the 'end' button on his phone and started up the camera application on his mobile, holding up the device and pointing it at his two friends, capturing a picture to immortalize the position he's seeing them in megapixels.
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30 September 2010 @ 12:28 am
A single sweat drop rolled down from her temple to her hairline, her forehead glistening from the effort of trying to keep herself up on her hands. The only thing that kept her from crashing down was the fact that she was able to lean one leg against the wall next to the entrance of her flat. Lisa could feel the rush of blood to her head and prayed that this current shoot will be over soon.

In contrast to what they were wearing only moments before, Lisa was the one in toned down darker shades while Mike was sporting more of the color. Chriss had dressed her in a restricting vest that felt more like a bodice and tight pants that had about six too many zippers that adorned the legs for this particular photo session. Lisa could feel something digging in on her ribcage as she extended her body in an attempt to keep her balance. At least the vest was helping to keep certain body parts secure in place, in no way thanks to gravity.

Lisa spoke through gritted teeth, trying not to change expressions as she talked down at Mike. Andy was snapping away at both of them, Lady Gaga's tracks still playing loudly in the background, thankfully drowning out her words. "I take it all back, this blows. And stop staring up at my boobs."
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22 September 2010 @ 08:06 pm
Terry opened the door to Mike’s flat, his mind in turmoil. He had to diffuse the situation going on between the twins and Mike and Lisa and now all he could think about was Mandy. Why on earth did she text him? Where was she living? Why was she contacting him after all this time? Why, why, why?! He took a deep breath, more aware than ever of his phone against his thigh. He prayed it would remain silent until he got through this day.

The door barely opened. It hit something hard. Terry pressed more forcefully and managed to squeeze through, making a slight screeching noise on the hardwood floor as he pushed whatever it was back a few inches. The flat was unrecognizable to him. Two make up tables crowded the entrance, their mirrored lights dark and make up wiped clean from the brushed steel table tops. Bags and boxes were stacked upon stools and on the floor. Loose garments lay on top of the stacks. He crept through the small maze only to find himself barricaded again by two clothing racks. Music played from somewhere beyond, accompanied by a voice. It sounded like Andy. He pushed through the clothes further into the apartment. The living room and kitchen were dark and the sounds poured from the back bedroom.

Terry headed down the hallway, past Lisa’s room and into the bright light. In the doorway to Mike’s bedroom he stopped dead in his tracks.
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19 September 2010 @ 03:40 pm
Ron groaned, pulling the cover over his head. He didn't know (or care) what time it was, all he knew was that he was far too tired (the perils of being a Pro-Quidditch player and Auror), and far to hungover to move. He shut his eyes, and lay still for a moment, trying to drop back to sleep, but to no avail.

Ron sighed and glanced over at the digital alarm clock. "Three thirty. Seriously?" He threw the cover off his body, wincing slightly as the cool September air hit his naked body. He stretched as he stood, becoming more aware of his surroundings, hearing shuffling around his apartment. "Hello?" He pulled the bed sheet around himself, and grabbed his wand just in case he needed to use it.

"Finally, do you want something to eat?"

Ron pulled open his bedroom door, wand behind his back, eyes searching the room for the voice. He groaned, of course his drunk self had to bring someone home for the night, a petite blonde with perky tits he could just about remember fondling and sucking before he fucked her. "I'm good thanks."

"Well, now you're up and declining my offer of food, I'm going to head back to my place." She said, walking towards him and placing a kiss on his cheek. "I left my number on your fridge, if you want round two." She picked her bag up from his couch and waved as she left.

"Damn." Ron ran a hand through his hair, making a mental note to get it cut. He locked the door with his wand, before making his way to the bathroom. Hopefully a long shower would help.
19 September 2010 @ 03:22 pm
Mandy dragged herself to the couch after her shift, lazily ruffling Shazbat's fur, disturbing his sleep for a moment. She switched the TV on with a wave of her wand, flicking through the channels aimlessly. She glanced at Shazbat briefly as he kicked out in his sleep, envious of the fact that he could sleep so easily, while she couldn't at the moment.

It had been days since she'd heard from Terry, and took it as a sign that she was no longer wanted in his life. She had felt her spirits drop when she didn't receive a message back after revealing her identity, and she was unable to bring herself back to the fun loving girl she really was.

She wanted a distraction, something to take her mind off things. She thought briefly about returning to America, but had severed ties with her mother and Adam when she moved back to the UK, and the friends she made at University were all busy with families and work. She couldn't impose. Mandy glanced at the mobile phone, lying innocently on her coffee table, cursing it's existance.
16 September 2010 @ 01:17 pm
Luna was beginning to doze on Terry's couch when a sudden noise startled her awake again.  There was a loud scratching coming from her old bedroom, and an unmistakable whine.   "Terry's got a dog?" she said to herself as she crossed the room to open the door.  The dog jumped up on her as she opened the door, eager for attention.  Luna couldn't help but laugh as she picked up the dog.  "Well, aren't you cute?  Wonder what your name is....I think you look like a Steven.  That's what I'll call you," she decided, carrying him over to the couch.  She scratched his ears as he lay in her lap.  As much as she fought the exhaustion, the long flight finally caught up with her, and she fell into a light sleep, her hand on Steven's head.
16 September 2010 @ 12:41 pm
  Luna arrived at the Wharf, marvelling at how little had changed. She made her way into the apartment building and headed for the elevators. Her mind filled with a peculiar buzzing as she pressed the button to Terry’s floor. Her hands shook and her heart pounded in her head as the lift began to ascend. She closed her eyes and took several deep breaths to calm herself. When the lift dinged it startled her, and she opened her eyes.
Luna stepped out on the lift and looked around. Not much had changed inside either. She’d nearly reached Terry’s apartment when the door across the hall from his opened and Nick appeared. Luna’s eyes went wide for a second, but she fought the urge to hide and regathered her composure. Surely he could tell her if Terry still lived here without having to knock on a potential stranger’s door!

“Hey, Nick,” she said casually as he turned from locking his door.
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